Creating a jewel is giving life to our ideas.

A jewel is a theme for a moment, a day, a night, but also a state of mind, a desire.

Each piece seizes a story, a reflection, or different emotions.

The manifestation of the spirit in contact with the material assign to the jewel a beautiful feeling and sensation to give it life .

Creating is also playing with the visual sensitivity when working the shape, the arrangement and the harmony.

Hands shape each element, lending themselves to the game of shimmering colors, to give finally bring to life the piece that will choose you!

Creation becomes a dance intertwining feelings and forms

The Indahia adventure began in Brazil with a series of jewelry made of vegetable seeds.

Today, the Workshop keeps on producing inspired creations with a tropical touch.

You can find here colorful creations that exude zest for life, a mixture of diversity and a lot of spontaneity.

This site promises a mixture of diversity and a lot of spontaneity.


Because the world needs color!

Because creation puts us emotionally in movement,

Because the creative impulse is inherent to living,

Because Art makes everything possible:

The Universe Indahia breaks borders, and rethinks the Reality.

Creativity is the divine spark living in the deepness of our soul.


The Indahia jewels are made of vegetable seeds originating from Brazil, leather, nubuck, tohos beads and seed beads , nickel-free and lead-freesilver or gold clasps .